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Smart Grid Gotland –
electricity network for the future

One of the smartest electricity network in the world is currently under development on the island of Gotland in Sweden by the local energy company GEAB, together with Vattenfall, ABB, Energimyndigheten, Svenska Kraftnät, Schneider Electric and KTH. By using modern technology, large quantities of renewable energy sources can be integrated in the grid. This is being done with improved cost efficiency and preserved quality compared to conventional grid technology.

As a customer buying the electricity you can monitor your energy usage 24 hours a day and adjust your consumption to the current price of electricity. You can for example set your heater to automatically switch on when there is good access to cheap renewable electricity and switch off when the electricity price goes up.

Almedalen 2014
On Thursday 2nd of July Smart Grid Gotlands seminar "How do we develop the grid for a sustainable society?" took place in Vattenfalls Energy house in Visby. The seminar consisted of a brief presentation of the project which was followed by a panel discussion where challenges in three areas: customer, technology and regulations were discussed. Jenny Larsson presented the project and also moderated the panel discussion. The panel consisted of Annika Viklund, CEO, Vattenfall Distribution, Johan Söderström, CEO of ABB Sweden, Anne Vadasz Nilsson, Director General of the Inspectorate, Karin Widegren, Administrative Coordination Council for the smart grid, Andreas Wickman, Gotlands vindelproducenter and Christina Svalstedt, project manager Smart Customer Gotland.

Beside the seminar Vattenfall presented the project through a Smart Client Gotland exhibition where three typical client families were showed; the smart technology family, the smart economically family and the smart environmentally family. In addition to this subproject Smart Customer Gotland had a customer event where existing customers were invited to discuss the test so far.

Powel appointed as Preferred supplier
Powel contributes in the Smart Grid Gotland project with competence and experience within collection and management of meter values and events from smart meters. As part of the project, both new and already proven solutions from Powel Metering product portfolio, will be used to handle big data with good performance, automatically. One part of the project is to increase the consumers awareness and engagement. Powel will contribute to enable the consumers to in almost real time get information about quarterly consumption values and relevant events from the smart meters.

Echelon appointed as Preferred Supplier
Smart Grid Gotland appoints Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ: ELON), as Preferred Supplier. Silicon Valley-based Echelon is a leading global supplier of Energy Control networking solutions for energy management. In The Smart Grid Gotland project Echelon will primarily assist with their expertise and their products within subprojects Smart meters. Using Echelon Control Nodes, intelligent sensors / meters based on Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and the NES systems software valuable power quality information from the low voltage grid will be collected to allow for outage monitoring and detecting network losses and other "health problems" in the network and provide mapping of the low voltage grid. (2014-02-06)

The Swedish Energy Agency grants 15 million kronor (1,6 million Euro) to Smart Grid Gotland
The Swedish Energy Agency has approved funding for phase 2 of the Smart Grid Gotland project. The grant amounts to 15 million, representing 45% of the total project budget. In phase 2 of Smart Grid Gotland, the project intends to rebuild one part of an existing rural network in Gotland into a so called self-healing network. (2014-01-15)
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Smart Grid Gotland and Gotland Energy installs photovoltaic plant on the island of Gotland
On the 11th of October the Smart Grid Gotland photovoltaic installation will undergo the final inspection. The complex consists of three one phase installations, each of 3.2 kW and one three phase installation of 2 * 22.5 kW. The one phase installations will symbolize a house top installation while the three phase installation will symbolize the roof of a barn.

The plant is connected to GEAB's electricity grid and the purpose of the installation is to investigate and verify how the system affects the power quality in the rural grid but also how the plant affects the smart meters methods to identify different states in the grid. In addition to this the smart meters possibilities to identify power quality problems caused by the solar plant will be investigated. The installation is temporary and will be used for research purposes. At the end of the project, the installation will be dismantled. (2013-10-11)
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Smart Grid Gotland in Ny Teknik (Swedish technology magazine)
On the 28th of August the Ny Teknik magazine had a smart grid theme and illustrated the project graphical. Copy the link to to read the web article (in swedish) and see the graphical illustration. (2013-09-05)

Smart Grid Gotland at Almedalen
During the Almedalen week in Visby, Gotland Energi (GEAB) and sub project market test arranged a seminar where representatives from GEAB and the project discussed customer solutions that will enable the smart grid in Gotland. The 1200 volunteering test pilots were specially invited and they and the other visitors asked questions to GEAB and the project.

The event was visited by approximate 220 persons and on site to answer questions were Jenny Larsson from GEAB, Christina Svalstedt och Johan Söderbom from the project and Vattenfall and Lars Ejeklint, energy advisor at Vattenfall. (2013-09-04)

Smart Grid Gotland at CIRED
The 22th CIRED conference took place in Stockholm between 10 -13 June 2013. The CIRED conference is an open forum for the electricity distribution industry's many stakeholders and this year's event was attended by about 1,200 participants from 60 countries. The Smart Grid Gotland-project was presented at the stands at Vattenfall, ABB and Schneider Electric and the interest for smart grids and the technology to achieve the project goals was large. (2013-06-24)

Smart Customer Gotland on the radio
Christina Svalstedt, project leader for sub project Market test and Sven-Olov Karlsson, Gotlands Energi, interviewed by radio P4 Gotlandsnytt regarding the market test Smart customer Gotland. (2013-04-05)
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